February 23, 2024

Microsoft planning significant updates for Surface Laptop, Pro in 2024: report

Microsoft planning significant updates for Surface Laptop, Pro in 2024: report

Microsoft reportedly has big plans for its Surface line in 2024, including a design refresh for the Surface Laptop and Pro, and a major artificial intelligence (AI) push thanks to new chips from Intel and Qualcomm.

The details come from a Windows Central report, which cites information from “sources.” The big news is that the new Surface products will sport Intel 14th gen and Qualcomm X series chips. Interestingly, the Surface Laptop line will have Qualcomm chips for the first time — in the past, Qualcomm chips were only used in the Surface Pro 2-in-1s (alongside Intel variants) while the Surface Laptop had Intel or AMD variants.

Regardless of the chip, the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro will reportedly feature neural processing units (NPUs) to power AI tools. Windows Central’s sources are apparently quite excited about the ARM-based Surface devices running on Qualcomm’s new news, dubbed “CADMUS” PCs. These supposedly are purpose-built for the next version of Windows, codenamed ‘Hudson Valley’ and reportedly shipping in 2024. Moreover, the CADMUS PCs are supposedly competitive with Apple Silicon, offering similar battery life, performance, and security.

Windows Central also detailed several changes coming to the upcoming Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10.

The Laptop 6 will reportedly feature an updated design with thinner bezels, rounded display corners, and (finally!) more ports. It will still be available in two sizes: the large 15-inch display model and a new smaller model with a slightly bigger 13.8-inch screen (up from 13.5). The reported ports include two USB-C ports, a USB-A port, and the magnetic Surface Connect charging port.

Additionally, the Surface Laptop 6 will get a haptic touchpad, likely powered by Sensel tech, and a dedicated keyboard button for Windows Copilot.

Meanwhile, the Surface Pro 10’s biggest changes relate to the display. The 2-in-1 will reportedly sport a brighter screen with support for HDR content, a new anti-reflective coating, and rounded display corners. The company also reportedly plans to offer two resolution options, a 2160 x 1440 pixel display for lower-end models and the same 2880 x 1920 resolution on previous Surface Pro models for the higher-end Pro 10 models.

Other reported upgrades coming to the Pro 10 include an NFC reader for commercial customers, a wider field of view (FoV) webcam, new colour options and possible an update Type Cover that includes a dedicated Copilot button. Plus, the updated Qualcomm chip should make the Surface Pro 10 “leaps and bounds” better than previous options.

Rounding things out, Windows Central reported that there could be a refresh Surface Laptop Go next year, though considering Microsoft just released a new Laptop Go, I have doubts about that. The company might also release commercial-only versions of the Surface Laptop and Pro that maintain the existing designs but include updated Intel chips. Microsoft might also have a more significant update for the Surface Pro line planned for 2025, which could include a new, smaller 11-inch model.

Also for 2025, we could get a refreshed Surface Laptop Studio, though all that’s known so far is that it could offer both Intel and Arm options.

Source: Windows Central

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