February 23, 2024

LG’s new robot aims to monitor your home and pets

LG AI Agent

Ahead of CES 2024, LG has revealed the ‘AI Agent,’ an odd-looking bipedal robot it says will monitor your home and pets, calling it an “all-around home manager and companion.”

LG says the expressive robot will be able to interact with users through voice commands and image recognition. Thanks to its built-in camera and speakers, it can also greet users by playing music when they get home based on their mood. What’s most eye-catching about the AI Agent is its “two-legged” wheel design, making it look like something straight out of iRobot.

If this sounds more than a little dystopian, you’re likely on to something.

LG’s new robot aims to monitor your home and pets Is this child protecting its teddy bear from the AI Agent? Probably. Image credit: LG

The company also describes the robot as a “moving smart home hub” that “connects and controls smart home appliances and household IoT devices.” Why you’d want a smart home hub to travel around your home remains unclear, but if this thing rolled into my living room, my cat would bat it in the face and knock it over.

It’s important to remember that this is a product revealed at CES, which means that, like a lot of wacky tech devices revealed at the event over the years, it might never get released to the public.

Image credit: LG

Source: LG

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