February 23, 2024

Koodo offering $29/30GB 4G plan through Telus’ ‘Reddit team’


Koodo is offering a $29/mo 30GB 4G plan for new customers, but the deal isn’t online.

Instead, interested customers will need to contact the Telus “Reddit team” via SMS or by emailing reddit@telus.com. The deal was shared in a post to the r/Koodo subreddit by ‘Josh’ with username ‘5GisOP.’ While it might seem a bit sketchy to rely on some dude on Reddit to get a phone plan, several Redditors who reached out to the Reddit team posted positive reviews about their experience.

Josh claims elsewhere that they “dedicate hours of free time weekly to running and supporting the redditsupport@telus.com inbox” to help customers, which they don’t get paid for. I highly doubt that’s the case, but if it is, why the hell are you giving free labour to a multi-billion dollar company? Get that bag, bro.

Koodo offering $29/30GB 4G plan through Telus’ ‘Reddit team’Anyway, the Telus Reddit team shared all kinds of deals across the r/Koodo and r/Telus subreddits for internet and wireless plans, and the whole thing seems legit, so it’s probably worth a shot, especially since the $29/30GB plan seems like a pretty good deal. Plus, Redditors are saying the process is surprisingly fast and easy and that Josh was able to waive the activation fee.

It’s not totally clear what else the plan includes, though presumably, it has unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting. Josh confirmed elsewhere in the thread that the plan includes two perks for customers to choose from: premium voicemail or unlimited international SMS/MMS.

iPhone in Canada also reports that Fido and Virgin Plus have a similar $29/30GB 4G plan available, but only in-store.

Source: Reddit

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