February 23, 2024

Freedom rolls out $29/20GB 4G Canada-U.S. Boxing Week plan

Freedom rolls out $29/20GB 4G Canada-U.S. Boxing Week plan

Freedom Mobile has been offering some really stellar Boxing Week offers, and the wireless provider is back with another one: $29/mo 20GB 4G with Canada-U.S. use.

The company’s latest Boxing Week deal joins other stand-outs, like the $34/50GB 5G and $40/75GB 5G Canada-U.S. plans. Like Freedom’s other plans, the $29/mo price includes Freedom’s $5/mo Digital Discount for automatic payments and an additional $5/mo bring-your-own-phone credit for 24 months.

It’s worth noting that Freedom caps 4G plans at speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Freedom rolls out $29/20GB 4G Canada-U.S. Boxing Week planOverall, it’s a pretty solid deal if you don’t care for 5G. It easily beats Freedom’s other $29/mo plan, which currently comes with double data for 6GB total. If you want 5G, it only costs $5/mo per month, and you get 30GB more data too.

You can check out Freedom’s plan here.

Meanwhile, Koodo, Fido, and Virgin reportedly have $29/30GB 4G plans available right now, but you can’t get them online. Learn more about those here.

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