February 23, 2024

First reported Tesla Cybertruck accident results in ‘minor’ injury


Given Tesla’s Cybertruck recently officially started shipping to customers, it was only a matter of time until one of the electric trucks got into an accident.

Reddit user ‘boddhya‘ posted two pictures and YouTube user ‘cjysqpb’ uploaded dashcam footage of a crash that took place on a two-lane California highway.

The California Highway Patrol also confirmed to The Verge that police responded to a two-vehicle incident on SR 35 in Palo Alto. No one involved in the crash suffered a major injury. According to Teslarati, the Cybertruck was driven by a Tesla engineer based in San Francisco.

In a statement to The Verge, California police said the following:

Our preliminary investigation indicates a Toyota Corolla was traveling south on SR-35 southbound, south of Page Mill Road, at an unknown speed, when the driver, for unknown reasons, turned to the right and subsequently struck a dirt embankment on the right shoulder. The Toyota then re-entered the roadway, crossed over the double yellow lines into the northbound lane, and crashed into a Tesla Cybertruck traveling north on SR-35 northbound.

The drivers side of the crashed CT
byu/Brian1961Silver incybertruck

The images posted to Reddit reveal significant damage to the Toyota Corolla’s front, while the Cybertruck appears relatively unscathed in comparison, despite the deployment of airbags.

Image credit: boddhya (Reddit)

Source: boddhya (Reddit), Brian1961Silver (Reddit), cjysqpb (YouTube), The Verge

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