February 23, 2024

Border Blazing! Rep. Lee Torches Biden on Blankets, Buses, and Border Chaos

Hold onto your sombreros, folks, because things are getting hot at the southern border! Republican firebrand Rep. Laurel Lee just roasted the Biden administration on America’s Newsroom, accusing them of turning immigration into a five-star resort for illegal arrivals.

southern border
southern border

“Biden’s been fiddling while Rome burns,” Lee declared, slamming the President’s “root cause” talk as a bunch of baloney. “The cartels are running the show, fentanyl’s flooding our streets, and our brave border patrol agents are stuck playing babysitter and travel agent!”

Lee painted a grim picture of border agents forced to hand out blankets and bus tickets instead of enforcing the law. “These migrants, some even on terror watchlists, are getting VIP treatment and disappearing into the country like ghosts,” she fumed. “This is a national security nightmare, and House Republicans are ready to slam the brakes on this runaway train!”

Earlier reports by Fox News confirmed Lee’s fiery claims. Apparently, border agents are drowning in a sea of migrants, welcoming them with open arms (and open wallets) thanks to the Biden administration’s generous hospitality package. Blankets, bus rides, work permits – it’s like a travel brochure for asylum seekers!

The numbers tell the story: over 2.4 million people crossed the border illegally in the last year alone. That’s enough to fill the entire city of Los Angeles – twice! And with a 90% chance those “appear in court” notices will be ignored, it’s no wonder Lee’s spitting fire.

So, buckle up, folks, because this border battle is just getting started. With Republicans itching to take control of the House and Lee leading the charge, the gloves are definitely off. Get ready for fireworks, folks, because the southern border is about to become a political hot zone!

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